Growing your nut, seed and fruit sources

With more than 25 years of experience in organic & conventional edible nuts, dried fruits and seeds, Adelante Foods is your dedicated agent between producers/packers far away with European partners nearby.

By sharing our knowledge and sourcing from selected and audited partners around the globe, we create sustainable value chains. 

With the aim of providing consumers with beautiful and high-quality products.


– (Exclusive) Representations of first class fully certified factories world wide

– Distribution of a limited number of ‘specialties’ offered EU-cleared, certified and tested on pallets

Product range:

Adelante offers, in compliance with the European Union food safety regulations, a diverse range of high-quality nuts, seeds and dried fruits on behalf of their partners.

From the best shelled peanuts (HANOCH) in the world to the sweetest dried pineapple from Costa Rica.
Through a worldwide network, we only work with reliable, fully certified and committed producers to provide you with carefully produced food.
Be surprised by our offer.

‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‎‎

Dried Pineapple (Exclusive consigment sales)

100% natural from Costa Rica Conventional & Organic from Peru
  • Sweetest in the world
  • Rings and Tidbits SPOT Rotterdam
  • Quality focussed
  • No SO2
  • BRC-A grade operation
  • Allergen free facility



Dried Mango (Exclusive consignment sales)

100% natural from Burkina Faso/Kenya/Peru
  • Family owned company
  • Social responsible, 90% female workers
  • Pure taste, perfect texture
  • Organic and non-organic SPOT Rotterdam
  • Fully integrated. Own orchards

Dried Ginger (consignment sales)

Snacking and industrial specialties
  • Dedicated to ginger only
  • No SO2
  • Organic and non-organic SPOT Rotterdam
  • Custom made solutions
  • Allergen free

Walnuts (agency)

The finest walnuts from Chile/USA/East Europe
  • Vertically, fully integrated operation
  • Own orchards
  • Organic and non-organic
  • Fully certified
  • BRC-A grade operation
  • Allergen free facility


Hazelnuts (agency)

The finest blanched and natural processed products
  • Levant, Akçakoca, Ordu and Giresun quality
  • Organic and conventional
  • Dedicated, certified factories
  • Bulk partner accredited BRC-AA, SEDEX, ISO22000


Inshell & Shelled pistachios (agency)

Raw & Roasted and/or salted Spanish product
  • Spanish Kerman variety
  • Excellent taste and on demand freshly roasted & salted
  • Conventional and Organic in cartons or big-bags

Organic Cashew Kernels

Organic Cashew Vietnam (agency)

Raw, R&S and/or flavored
  • Grades: WW240, WW320
  • Packing: Vacuum and carton 20kg, 10kg, 5kg.
  • Shipment: from origin per 20ft container
  • Origin: grown & processed  in Vietnam
  • Certifications: Organic EU, NOP, JAS, BRC, Kosher

Organic Certified

Organic Pecan Kernels

(Organic) Pecan Kernels (agency)

Various varieties from the highest standard
  • 100% raw (non)-organic product
  • Vacuum/non-vac packed
  • Shipment: from origin per 20/40ft container
  • Origin: USA/Mexico
  • EU & USDA standard certification

Organic Certified

Organic Macadamia

Macadamia Kernels (consignment sales)

Various styles for quality minded buyers
  • 100% raw product
  • Vacuum packed
  • EU-cleared and tested on pallet basis R’dam
  • Origin: grown & processed in South Africa
  • EU & USDA standard certification

Organic Certified

Organic Goji-berries 380

(Organic) Goji-berries 280/380 count (partnership)

Excellent soft colorful berries
  • 280/380 count
  • Packing: 20kg carton
  • Collection: EU-cleared and tested on pallet basis R’dam
  • Origin: China (Qinghai and Tibet area)

Organic Certified

Freeze dried strawberry

Freeze Dried fruit & berries (partnership)

High quality product for coating / ingredient
  • 100% natural conventional product
  • Air-tight packed
  • EU-cleared on pallet basis
  • Approved product
  • Origin: China


South African Raisins

(Organic) South African Raisins (agency)

High quality raisins
  • Thompson natural/golden, Flames, Orange River, Currant
  • Various sizes. Standard & Choice
  • Organic & Conventional

Organic Certified

Roasted & Salted mais

Crispy roasted corn & broad beans (agency)

Excellent soft corn & broad beans
  • Large and Giant size
  • IFS-certified
  • Spanish dedicated family company


Peanuts Inshell

Inshell Peanuts Israel (Exclusive Agent)

The best inshell peanuts in the world
  • Hanoch-type seed variety.  Exclusivity.
  • Shipments: per 20/40ft containers only
  • (super) Giant size, sweet & creamy taste
  • Focus on inshells only, continuous R&D to improve quality
  • Selective distribution network


Organic Peanut

Organic Peanut (partnership)

Excellent Chinese quality
  • Blanched and natural kernels
  • Origin: China
  • Various sizes and packing available SPOT R’dam
  • EU-test reports available

Organic Certified

‏‏‎ ‎

Rice Snacks (agency)

Asian-style snacking
  • Senbei, Arare and Seaweed Snacks
  • Extensive sourcing network
  • Dedicated, certified factories
  • Bulk partner
  • Organic and non-organic

Chocolate coated (partnership)

Chocolate covered Nuts and Dried Fruits
  • Belgium Chocolate
  • Organic and non-organic
  • Tailor made solutions

‏‏‎ ‎Pine nut kernels

Pumpkin & Pinenuts (agency)

Combined shipments possible with safe and high quality seeds
  • BRC-A certified
  • ISO22000 / Halal / Kosher
  • Organic and conventional
  • Full traceability
  • DNA tests possible