Confidence is the anchor of our working method.

Producers are located far away and the need for specialist knowledge nearby is understandable.

Adelante is a committed partner who knows the European market and represents your interests.

With more than 25 years of experience in the sector, our experience is broad and deep: from purchasing to sales, from bulk to retail and from food service to vending.


We can think along with you in many areas and introduce you to our extensive and personal network. Providing European consumers with beautiful and high-quality products is what drives us.


We support our producers and suppliers in creating brand awareness.
We work together with a professional agency in developing logo’s, packaging and (local) brandnames for different product ranges.

All aimed at creating repetitive business for the longer term.

Port of Rotterdam

We do this from our modern office building close to Rotterdam.  The Port of Rotterdam is by far the largest and busiest port in Europe and the 11th busiest port in the world, handling close to 15,000,000 TEU in 2020. So the most efficient logistics entrance to Europe.

Dried Pineapple from Fruta Sana

Adelante proudly represents the Costa Rican producer Fruta Sana from Alegria.

Tropical Costa Rica produces the best and sweetest pineapples in the world.
Fruta Sana focuses entirely on the perfect drying of local pineapples, so that they can be consumed as a 100 percent natural snack.

They use the MD2 variety, which allows to have natural sugar in it, without any additives, and it is SO2 free.


  • Sweetest in the world
  • Rings and Tidbits
  • Quality focused
  • No SO2
  • BRC-A grade operation
  • Allergen-free facility
  • HALAL & Parve ABDV passover certification
Dried pineapple Fruta Sana

HANOCH Inshell Peanuts

The most beautiful, sweetest and creamiest shelled peanuts in the world grow on the edge of Israel’s Negev desert.

Adelante represents the IGB, which since 1959 has focused on the production and marketing of a unique breed of shelled peanuts: Hanoch.
These shelled peanuts are grown to be consumed only as shelled peanuts, which is unique.
Hanoch: rightly ‘the world best inshell peanuts‘.

For promotion on fairs/events etc. please contact us as service partner of IGB.

Quality Assurance

Quality certifications like BRC/IFS etc. are a natural requirement for Adelante in its collaborations with global manufacturers.
If required we assist promising new suppliers to develop the right certifications for the European market. So that we continue to provide consumers with high-quality, natural and sustainable products.