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Dried Pineapple

100% natural from Costa Rica
  • Sweetest in the world
  • Rings and Tidbits
  • Quality focussed
  • No SO2
  • BRC-A grade operation
  • Allergen free facility

Dried Tropical Fruits

Tropical Dried Fruits – 100% natural,
from Burkina Faso
  • Family owned company
  • Social responsible, 90% female workers
  • Pure taste, perfect texture
  • Organic and non-organic
  • Fully integrated. Own orchards

Crystallised Ginger

Snacking and industrial specialties
  • Dedicated to ginger only
  • No SO2
  • Organic and non-organic
  • Custom made solutions
  • Allergen free

Walnuts Chile

Organic and non-organic
  • Vertically, fully integrated operation
  • Own orchards
  • Organic and non-organic
  • Fully certified (incl. Fair for Life)
  • BRC-A grade operation
  • Allergen free facility

Inshell Peanuts

The best inshell peanuts in the world
  • Hanoch-type seed variety
  • Giant size, sweet & creamy taste
  • Focus on inshells only, continuous R&D to improve quality
  • Selective distribution network

Rice Snacks

Asian-style snacking
  • Senbei, Arare and Seaweed Snacks
  • Extensive sourcing network
  • Dedicated, certified factories
  • Bulk partner
  • Organic and non-organic